Data collection and customer information tools for government agencies and departments

Enable your workforce with a mobile app or mobile web app for data collection
Keep your customers up-to-date with the latest information with a real time messaging platform

What We Do

We specialise in helping Government departments and agencies with customer relevant data. Through the use of a customised app collect and audit infrastructure and geospatial data. Want to get customer information out to customers? We have special APIs and data feeds that help ensure your customers are kept in the loop.

Datascout – Our flagship product Datascout can help your workforce be the most effective data collectors using mobile devices through a customised app experience and a management dashboard.

Send your workforce out with just their mobile device (or one you supply) to take photos and videos which are geotagged, observation notes or recordings and general information and get almost instant results!

The data collected can be any type of data and is usually geospatial in nature due to the benefits of using smart phones and mobile devices which have inbuilt GPS functionality. 

We work with agencies, local councils, utility companies and others to collect data, audit geospatial infrastructure, manage and track assets and data. Our team is dedicated to helping you manage and maintain your data assets.

Beyond Datascout, we develop APIs, transform data and build apps with data at the core of what we do.  Check out our Products to find out more.

Mobile Workforce

Datascout can work on almost every mobile device. The tailored app can be used on mobile phones (smartphones) or tablets as either a native or web app. Even in poor signal areas data can be collected and uploads when signal is better or mobile data is available.

Management Dashboard

See the data being collected via your Datascout Management Dashboard. Track progress of the data collection and updates in near real-time. Photos, video and text based records are viewable anywhere in the world through the magic of the internet!

Rapid Results

See your data being collected almost instantly! Request updated information from your workforce as conditions change. Photos and video footage which are geo-tagged can be sent straight back to your dashboard for further review and analysis.

Who we help

We have a deep understanding of Government data needs. We work with Government agencies, Government departments, local councils, utility companies, corporations, property agents, builders and developers, survey companies, contractor workforce organisations, not-for-profits, health and small businesses.

Want to know more?

Find out how we can quickly get you up and running with a tailored and customised app to enable your mobile enabled workforce to provide you with the data you need to run your business.

Our consultants are friendly and ready to listen and understand your business needs.