What is GARP?

GARP provides agencies and organisations a platform to send alerts and messages out to digital products such as websites and apps.  The GARP platform gives you control over when and where to show the message.  GARP provides a personalised and relevant message to users who opt in to receive messages.  

By providing APIs – the GARP platform makes it easy for you to communicate to your users.  

We provide easy ways for information dissemination.  If you already have the information somewhere, we use DEXTA to provide a scraper which converts the information into an API.  We are also able to ingest other APIs and datafeeds from readily available sources (license agreements for the sources will be required to be sourced) and do some data manipulation by using algorithms and calculations, apply machine learning or other AI and have this all available in an API via our API gateway.  You can decide if you want the API to be openly available or not.

Developers can use the APIs to use in apps or a website.  We also provide a web widget so you can add it to an existing website or put it on a new website by just copy and pasting the code into a content management system (CMS).  But that’s not all!  A URL will be provided to you that includes the feed which you can just point your users to!


GARP provides a web based platform for you to enter data. The platform is mobile friendly, secure and provides a workflow for your staff and colleagues. This means staff are able to provide information from any internet available location. Information can be marked as time based, date based and/or location based, ensuring your data consumers and customers are getting relevant and personalized information.

APIs with documentation and an API Explorer are available for your developers to use and easily ingest into different digital channels such as apps, digital displays and websites.

Don’t worry if you don’t have developers, as we do! We also provide an easy to use (just copy and paste!) widget for you to add to your existing CMS to create a feed to display to your customers. Or you can even use a special customized webpage and point customers there. Be up and running quickly and get your message out to your customers.

What is GARP?