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Datascout International Maps and Map Widgets

We love data, especially geospatial data.  Geospatial to most of us are maps or 3d maps.  Our map work and work by our associates are displayed here.

Air Quality Index map of Sydney area

Air Quality Index

Built using GARP we have created a map of air quality index readings. We started with Sydney and NSW Australia but are growing the data displayed as we have access to other available data.

finderful.com map of property by commute

Associated - finderful.com

One of our founders developed finderful.com to help you find a wonderful home that has a good commute, has the safety and price range you are looking for. Works in most Australian cities.

finderful.com map of property by commute

Associated - AnyTrip.com.au

Another of our founders (we have clever founders!) developed anytrip.com.au to help you get around on public transport (public transit( in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Auckland, Darwin, Adelaide and Canberra!

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