AQI Map and API - Air Quality Index for Sydney and beyond

The AQI API and AQI map was built for the smoke haze in Sydney since November 2019 and we’re sharing it as part of GARP capability.  

The API is built from leveraging the information provided by the  NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (or DPIE).  There was no known source of the data or API other than what is presented in the table on the website.  So we built an API using GARP.  

GARP is a platform for alerts and information to be sent out via current and existing technology or via a mobile friendly, web based platform.  We used the table and website from the NSW Government and created our own API and then built a mobile friendly website using Mapbox to render an easy to use website to check on air quality.  You can find out more on how we built it from our blog post about the AQI map.



Air Quality Index map of Sydney area

The map view can be found at and the API is available via