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Key Products by Datascout International


Datascout is a mobile app – native app or web app depending on your mobile workforce needs.

Datascout is great for asset managers who need to audit and update their records. Rather than duplicating effort of recording information and then having to enter it into a spreadsheet, get it into Datascout and into a database for analysis and then when you need it, export to a CSV or spreadsheet format.

Datascout’s superpowers? Photos, geolocation and custom fields with access control.


GARP is a platform which includes a web portal for you to enter in alerts and key messages with date, time and location criteria and context. The web portal is responsive which means it’s available anywhere there is mobile reception. Use your mobile phone, tablet, laptop to get the message out there!

Entering it is one thing, getting the message out is made possible through the GARP APIs – which means it can go onto websites and apps and other systems.

We also provide message and alert distribution via the GARP App.

GARP’s superpowers? Anywhere creation of messaging and alerts, with easy deployment.  GARP leverages powerful APIs for use in digital products.

API Maker

We’re building multiple API makers, so that you can easily make an API from the data you already have.  We’ve started with SheetLoad – it transforms a Google Sheet spreadsheet into  JSON format which your developers will LOVE!


Don’t forget about CrowdQuests!  Our crowdsourced geospatial data audit app!  Leverage the power of the general public and interested parties.  Collect the data you need and want through gamification and incentivised “quests”.  CrowdQuests even has it’s own website!

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