DEXTA - Data EXchange Transport Aggregator

Datascout International’s Data Exchange Transport Aggregator (DEXTA) is the best option for transport agencies and transport operators to create a useful feed for developers. DEXTA takes any type of data feed from SIRI, text based feeds (including from FTP to APIs to file refreshes in AWS folders) to a standard GTFS/R (General Transit Feed Specification) feed.

DEXTA is middleware and can be used by transport agencies to aggregate their different modes of transport into one (or multiple) feeds. Let DEXTA do all the heavy lifting. The main output is GTFS-realtime or GTFS format data however don’t let that limit you – DEXTA can also create a feed of data for parking and availability of other services and features such as lifts, escalators and store hours. DEXTA can also provide additional information such as weather and current “situation” information (such as COVID alerts or flood and fire situations) in an easy API.

Do you want timetable data from various websites of operators? DEXTA can help convert those web pages into useable GTFS timetables for developers and your internal operations. It can systematically review the pages for updates or even accept emailed spreadsheets for when updates happen!

If GTFS/R isn’t your cup of tea, DEXTA is smart enough to generate data in a format that works for you – just let us know and as long as there is logic, DEXTA can help! It’s your any-to-any conversion tool (and despite the name isn’t limited to public transit or public transport use cases).

AnyTrip is currently using DEXTA technology to ingest SIRI data from Transport Canberra, perform trip matching and generate a consistent GTFS-R feed for use.  Our solution has processed over 3 million bus trip matches and can handle tens of thousands of vehicle events every minute.

DEXTA diagram depicting product